jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2011

Cafekkos together for An Cafe 2012

New Project!! ( In English)
When the concert ¨Budoukan 2010" was finishing, the 1.4.2010, An Cafe anounced a hiatus. But they said , that they will come back in 20XX... Each member decided to take his own way.

Do you want to see An Cafe Blog Official  active? Do you want to see their lives, concerts? Do you want to see An Cafe new comments in YouTube? Do you want to see An Cafe together again?

Cafekkos Together for An Cafe 2012 is a new project  by An Cafe Argentina Unoffcial Street Team, we have the support of An Cafe Spain, An Cafe Peru (PARALLEL WORLD), An Cafe Mexico.. ( we are waiting the answer of other countries )

All the Cafekkos are waiting for their return. Each Cafekko on his own can make them to come back, but all together we can do it!!

Well, the project consists in collect pics, and make  a super video. We'll send this video to the members by twitter, by mail, by facebook.

*Take a photo with a poster, letter,signs, photoshops something that shows "An Cafe come back 2012". You must appear in the photo

*It has to be in English or Japanese

*Send the pic to : ancafe_argst@hotmail.com

DEADLINE:  1/31/2012

All toghether! An Cafe Come Back 2012!

So Cafekkos, Let's work!!

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